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Gloucestershire Gourmets Hash House Harriers

GGH3 run every Thursday at 7pm and many enjoy a meal in the pub afterwards.
Hashers span all ages and abilities. A hash is a sociable fun-run, not a race, but you may end up getting cold, wet, muddy or even lost!
GGH3 can be found on MeetUp and on FaceBook (click on links). To find out more why not Contact someone on the 'committee'.

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GG Hashes from 1987 to the present
Run Num Date Visit Num Start Venue Location Apres Venue Turn-out Run Notes Hares
1660 Thu 03-Jan-19 1 Sup & Chow 242 Bath Rd, Cheltenham, GL53 7NB As start 39 Short & sharp trail, passing through Cracker's terraced house ! Good pub in spite of pesky TV screens. Mr Sheep
1659 Thu 27-Dec-18 2 Toby Carvery Brockworth, GL3 4PH As start 36 Lots of mud & stiles. Looped via the reservoir and Court Farm. Pub's only ale was Doom & Gloom Bar ! Oddjob + Barbie Doll
1658 Tue 25-Dec-18 18 Rising Sun Cleeve Hill, GL52 3PX As start 32 A charming Xmas Day trail (according to comments in FakeBook) with a drink stop on the hill. Horse + Cracker + Mark Norris
1657 Thu 20-Dec-18 1 Turks Head Southgate St, Gloucester, GL1 2DX As start 36 Shortish, damp (but clean) route taking in some of the highlights. Although it looks old, the Turks Head only opened in February. Dr Jeckyll + Dyldo
1656 Thu 13-Dec-18 7 Stirrup Cup Bisley, GL6 7BL As start 27 Cold & clear. Novel trail looping around Oakridge. £8 lasagne or veg curry, + Barbie's birthday cakes. Barbie Doll + Cracker
1655 Thu 06-Dec-18 2 Bell Sapperton, GL7 6LE As start 22 Mild night, copious mud, and fairly short (for Phil). Pricey menu (eg. £9 prawn cocktail). Nelson
1654 Thu 29-Nov-18 3 Mechanical Music Museum Northleach, GL54 3ET As start 20 Co-hared by son Gavin. £5 chilli and some live music. This venue closed a few months later. Haggis
1653 Thu 22-Nov-18 13 London Inn 195 London Rd, Charlton Kings, GL52 6HU As start 35 Urban loop up and around Battledown. Pub food looked good, boding well for the Xmas do here! Oddjob + Florence
1652 Thu 15-Nov-18 16 Merryfellow 2 School Rd, Charlton Kings, GL53 8AU As start 35 Hares' Golden Wedding anniversary. Following a descent down the local hill, we had a port stop at hares' house. Grey'un + Superstitch
1651 Thu 08-Nov-18 5 Bell Inn Shurdington, GL51 4XQ As start 37 Raffles's 100th trail set. Devious & slippery run encompassing Hatherley. Sausage & chips courtesy Raffles. Raffles + Maverick + Shaggy
1650 Thu 01-Nov-18 3 Railway Inn New Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3QL As start 33 From this year's two top trail setters: a familiar gallop along the disused railway line to the racecourse, then Pitville Park & the Brewery Physy Blonde + Cracker
1649 Thu 25-Oct-18 2 Docker's Club 34 Oldminster Rd, Sharpness, GL13 9UN As start 25 Mild night for joint run with Ebley Full Moon. Long stretch of riverbank back to the Docks. £4 pre-ordered curries. Dr Z + Tooth Fairy + Barbie Doll