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Gloucestershire Gourmets Hash House Harriers

GGH3 run every Thursday at 7pm and many enjoy a meal in the pub afterwards.
Hashers span all ages and abilities. A hash is a sociable fun-run, not a race, but you may end up getting cold, wet, muddy or even lost!
GGH3 can be found on MeetUp and on FaceBook (click on links). To find out more why not Contact someone on the 'committee'.

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GG Hashes from 1987 to the present
Run Num Date Visit Num Start Venue Location Apres Venue Turn-out Run Notes Hares
1722 Thu 13-Feb-20 5 Ship Inn Upper Framilode, nr Frampton on Severn, GL2 7LH As start 27 Benign weather for this loopy & disorienting trail! A 'Fizzy' prosecco stop at Saul Junction. Pub going strong, look forward to next visit. Physy Blonde + Florence
1721 Thu 06-Feb-20 2 Tudor Arms Slimbridge, GL2 7BP As start 25 Great pub good prices. Longish trail with a well laid Short option. Much less muddy than expected. Torchy + Florence
1720 Thu 30-Jan-20 7 Royal Exchange Hartpury, GL19 3BW As start 31 < to be added > Cracker
1719 Thu 23-Jan-20 2 White Bear Bredon Rd, Tewkesbury, GL20 5BU As start 32 Mostly dry but wet underfoot. A quick gallop round the suburbs with mysterious CP arrows causing confusion again! Hercules
1718 Thu 16-Jan-20 5 Langton London Rd, Charlton Kings, GL52 6HT As start 30 At least it was dry! Unfortunately, with two recent c2h3 runs in the area multiple hashers got lost/confused Grey'un
1717 Thu 09-Jan-20 2 Brewhouse & Kitchen The Brewery, Cheltenham, GL50 4FA As start 27 Joint with c2h3 'torchlit' run. Rainfall of biblical proportions before and during the run. Captain Peacock + Retread
1716 Thu 02-Jan-20 1 Bath Road Beers 157 Bath Rd, Cheltenham, GL53 7LU As start 40 Short & clean rush round some familiar sights. Port DS. Virgin apres venue (a bit like a posh off-license) Yob + Golden Showers
1715 Thu 26-Dec-19 5 Berkeley Arms 8 Church St, Tewkesbury, GL20 5PA As start 5 Joint with C2H3 Boxing Day run. Turnout refers to GG regulars only, obviously many more turned up. C2H3-hares
1714 Wed 25-Dec-19 19 Rising Sun Cleeve Hill, GL52 3PX As start 16 Fantastic sunny day for a select gathering. Port & home-made mince pies then a short but scenic trail. Longs missed a DS at the trig point! Carloss
1713 Thu 19-Dec-19 4 Dick Whittington 100 Westgate St, Gloucester, GL1 2PE As start 23 Rainy day kept some hashers away. Some Xmas-lit sights, some dark alleys on this 5m trail. Limited menu choices to be had for £8. Dyldo + Dr Jeckyll
1712 Thu 12-Dec-19 4 Falcon Hotel New St, Painswick, GL6 6UN As start 39 Joint with Ebley FMH3. Lucky break in the rain for this cross-country mud-bath. Port & snack stop near the end (Gyde Rd). Mr Kipling + Ms Battenburg
1711 Thu 05-Dec-19 7 Vine Tree Randwick, nr Stroud, GL6 6JA As start 30 Wonderful woods and winding narrow lanes. Hard to botch a trail around here! Port stop at the highest point. Bluerinse + Physy Blonde